Syrians detained at the Warsaw airport with a bundle of someone else’s and forged documents. They wanted to go to Germany and Norway

After the plane landed from Athens, officers of the Border Guard Post Warszawa-Okęcie detained seven foreigners. During the inspection, six of them had passports and identity cards issued by the Polish and Bulgarian authorities, the seventh – did not have any. In the documents presented, the image of the people in the photograph was not consistent with the persons in their possession, moreover, they were listed in the system as reserved / lost. During the activities, they also revealed forged: Polish, Belgian, Italian and two Greek identity cards. The suspects admitted that they are citizens of Syria. They traveled from Turkey through Greece to get to Germany and Norway, paying for an illegal trip from 400 euros to even 5,000 or 6,000. euro.

Pre-trial proceedings were initiated against foreigners for making preparations to use an authentic, forged document and using someone else’s identity document, as well as administrative proceedings to oblige everyone to return. Due to the lack of documents confirming their true identity, five of them were placed in one of the guarded centers for foreigners until the end of the proceedings. They will spend the next three months there. One of the Syrians asked for international protection on the territory of our country. The other two people, holding their original documents, expressed a desire to return to their country of origin. After being handed the decisions obliging them to return, they were released.