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More than 20 tons of counterfeit products prepared for distribution were seized in Spain and Portugal

Spanish National Police agents, in a joint operation with the Portuguese National Republican Guard and EUROPOL, have seized more than 20 tons of counterfeit products and have dismantled an international criminal organization dedicated to the manufacture, import, distribution and sale of counterfeit textile products. through numerous social media profiles throughout the national territory. Seven people have been arrested in Spain, ten investigated in Portugal, and six entries and searches have been carried out in Spain and 17 in the Portuguese country, in which 34,436 counterfeit items and 507,000 euros in cash hidden in various storage rooms have been seized. , a gun, machinery to create the fakes, electronic devices and twelve vehicles

The investigation began more than a year ago, when agents detected numerous profiles on social networks offering thousands of counterfeit sports shoes.

They manufactured in the north and center of Portugal and sent the products to the province of Alicante

The investigation determined that the group constantly contacted and moved to the north of Portugal, where they ordered the manufacturing to order of textile items, mainly slippers, which once produced were sent to the organization in the province of Alicante through a parcel agency, which in turn they used to send sales through numerous social media profiles.

Through EUROPOL, international police cooperation mechanisms were established that have allowed the identification of 17 clandestine manufacturing centers, as well as storage warehouses that served to supply the organization.

At the same time, the agents began an economic investigation into the concealment and concealment of illicitly obtained benefits, which revealed the traceability of illegal benefits, exceeding 6,000,000 euros. The money obtained was reinvested in the purchase of properties and the creation of companies, one of them dedicated to the purchase and rental of homes in Madrid, where a partner and participant in the events that managed the company resided. This investigator also advertised counterfeit products on social networks, having his own studio for the layout of the garments that were later uploaded to the profiles that he managed for sale.

On June 4, the operational operation between both countries was carried out with the support of Europol, dismantling the entire criminal network, with seven people arrested in Spain, as well as 10 under investigation in Portugal. In total, six entries and searches have been carried out in Spain – four in the province of Alicante and two in Madrid – and 17 in the Portuguese country, with 34,436 counterfeit items being seized – 12,300 of them in Spain – whose market value would exceed 20 million euros. In addition, 507,000 euros in cash have been seized hidden in several vaults in the places subject to search, a gun, machinery for creating the counterfeits, electronic devices, 12 vehicles, as well as the blocking of bank accounts, properties and cancellation of the pages and internet profiles from where the items were sold.