Rescued in the Port of Ceuta five migrants who tried to access the peninsula hidden in trucks

Agents of the National Police, together with the Police of Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Portugal, have located in the Port of Ceuta five migrants who were trying to access the peninsula irregularly, hidden in the axes and on the roof of two trucks and putting their lives in grave danger.

In the intervention carried out at dawn on July 15, 2021, the migrants were housed in different parts of the trucks, being located thanks to the upper mirrors of the port access, and by the agents involved in the control supported by the intervention of specialized canine guides in the search for people.

The migrants, all of them minors, camouflaged themselves under blankets of the same color as the upper canvas of the truck or between the axles of the truck, in both cases entailing a risk to physical integrity due to a possible fall in the first case, or by staying a few centimeters from the ground in areas of movement of the axes in the second case.

It is not the first time that this same event has occurred during Operation Minerva 2021, with four other migrants having been detected in the same way this Monday, July 12, in the Port of Ceuta, which is why the attention in relation to this new modus operandi.

These actions have taken place within the framework of the Minerva 2021 Joint Operation, launched by the National Police and coordinated by FRONTEX, and which is carried out in the maritime ports of Algeciras, Ceuta and Tarifa, whose main purpose is to deal with the challenges of illegal immigration and police management at the borders, with special attention to human trafficking and human trafficking, drug and vehicle trafficking, among others.