Spanish National Police dismantles a criminal group dedicated to arms and drug trafficking and arrests one of EUROPOL’s priority targets

Among the 25 people arrested is a high value target -high value target- of EUROPOL, who acted as leader of the organization

14 entries have been made simultaneously in Spain and Serbia, and six marijuana plantations have been dismantled, seizing 4,000 plants of the same substance, 63 kilograms of vacuum-packed buds suitable for distribution, nearly 450,000 euros, four vehicles, a rifle, three dummy weapons, lots of live ammunition and three luxury watches


Agents of the National Police, in a joint operation with EUROPOL and the Serbian Police, have dismantled a transnational criminal organization of Serbian origin allegedly dedicated to arms and drug trafficking and money laundering. The group, based in the Spanish Levante area, had among its members a priority objective for EUROPOL, considered one of the most relevant people in the Balkan cartels.

The investigation began in February of this year as a result of the exchange of information with the Serbian authorities about the existence of a criminal organization that would be operating between Spain and the Balkan country.

The investigators have carried out 14 entries and searches simultaneously in both countries, arresting a total of 25 people, 23 of them in the provinces of Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and Valencia and two in Serbia. In addition, six marijuana plantations have been dismantled, the seizure of 4,000 plants of the same substance, 63 kilograms of vacuum-packed buds suitable for distribution, nearly 450,000 euros, four vehicles, a rifle, three simulated weapons, a large amount of real ammunition and three luxury watches. More than 300 police officers have participated in the device, including two Serbian officials.

Profits were laundered mainly in Serbia

Once all the members of the organization were located and identified, it was discovered that they were in charge of the exploitation of several marijuana crops in different geographical points of Spain, whose production was distributed in different European countries, where its value multiplies exponentially. The profits were mainly laundered in Serbia, where a parallel police investigation was carried out.

The nerve center was the Levante area, where the head of the organization and his lieutenants resided, from where they coordinated, planned and decided on the most important issues of the group.

Thanks to international police cooperation, it was learned that one of the main characteristics of those under investigation was their past linked to arms trafficking, warning of the danger of the same and the intense activity concerning it, in addition to involvement with massive crops of marijuana in indoor plantations.

The organization was organized in a pyramidal fashion, with a clear distribution of functions, with all its members acting in a coordinated and subordinate manner under a strict discipline marked by professionalism in its media to guarantee their safety.

In Spain, 12 entries and registration were carried out distributed in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona and two in Serbia. A total of 25 people were arrested, 23 of them in Spain, of which eleven have been imprisoned.

The dismantling of marijuana plantations and the seizure of the drug is a setback for the organization, causing losses of 660,000 euros and a loss of profits from crops worth approximately more than two million euros per year. With this action, one of the most important organizations of the conglomerate that makes up the Balkan cartels is considered dismantled.

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